2022 Sustainability Report
Green. Inclusive. Resilient.
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Green Designs for Sustainable Communities

We commit to developing green communities and infrastructure that feature designs that minimize negative impact and enhance positive impact, not only on the physical environment but also on people and communities.

Filinvest City, for instance, is the first CBD in the Philippines to be dual green certified, having received a LEED v4 Gold Certification for Neighborhood Development and a 3-star rating in the pilot version of BERDE Districts from the Philippine Green Building Council.

Green Designs, Green Technologies for Efficiency

Filinvest’s various business units have their own efficiency initiatives. For instance, Countrywide Water Services intensified their non-revenue water reduction program in 2022. Filinvest’s hotels also prioritize sustainability, with energy utilization indices ranging from 111 to 328 KWH/m22, which are consistently lower than the mean figures for 3-star to luxury hotels.

Nature-Inspired,Centered on People

Filinvest’s building and township designs prioritize nature and people’s needs for green open spaces and sustainable mobility options. At least 60% of a project footprint is allocated for open spaces, with interconnected green parks and natural waterways incorporated into the design.

Read more about our Green initiatives by downloading the full report.

Transitioning to Net Zero

Greenhouse Gas Emissions
(GRI 305-1, 305-2, 305-3, 305-6)
Direct Emissions
(Scope 1) – gasoline, diesel, LPG
Direct Emissions
(Scope 1) – coal
Indirect Emissions
(Scope 2) – purchased electricity for common areas in property mgt


Nurturing Talent: Equal Opportunities for Jobs, Development and Growth

Filinvest has been known for many years as an organization that has empowered women.  The current CEO and President of FDC herself, along with her mother who co-founded Filinvest, had received numerous awards for nurturing an organization that celebrates the abilities of women in the world of business.

Across the Filinvest Group:

  • 55% of all employees are women
  • 49% at the executive level are women
  • 51.5% at the executive, manager and supervisor level are women
  • 3 of the 7-member Board of Directors of FDC are women
At Filinvest, we have many women presidents, but we are definitely not biased against men either. We are a gender-blind organization.
Director, President and CEO

Serving the Unserved and Underserved

In 2022, 1,200 units of Futura and Pabahay were completed and delivered to home buyers. In the same year, Filinvest Land launched seven affordable housing projects intended to deliver 3,617 units for buyers in Pasig, Cavite, Rizal, Bulacan, Pampanga, Camarines Sur and Davao.

From its inception, Filinvest has supported the financial aspirations of Filipinos through retail banking, with the majority (73%) of its loan portfolio in consumer loans. It has supported more than 125 SMEs to date.

Engaging Communities

In 2022, financing support was provided to 1,127 planters in Mindanao through P94.6 million in production loans and more than P43.2 million in harvesting advances.

FDC Misamis continued to adopt more than 200 hectares of carbon forests in 2022. Together with the Philippine Eagle Foundation, the company is preparing to expand their coverage of adopted forests in Bukidnon.

FDC’s power business’ four-pronged engagement with the local community

FDC Utilities has a “4E” program for its local stakeholder in Villanueva, Misamis Oriental. The Es stand for: Education for Empowerment, Environmental Stewardship, Enhanced Health Care and Economic Enrichment.

Read more about our Inclusive initiatives by downloading the full report.


Resilient Assets

We commit to retrofit existing assets and acquire or develop future assets to be resilient against all types of physical risk events such as climate-related or geological phenomena and manmade disruptions.

Resilient Operations

We commit to strengthening our capabilities in business continuity across the group, ensuring that our people are resilient to be able to serve customers well during disruptions, response capabilities across the Group are integrated, and operations protocols developed and regularly tested.

Agile Organization

We commit to always look ahead and continually transform and strengthen our human capital, technical practices, business processes, culture and leadership so that the Group is ready to address current and emerging global and local risks and opportunities that have an impact on our long-term ability to create and deliver value for our stakeholders.

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